Google Glass Lifestream

I’m happy to announce the launch of our open source Google Glass Lifestream & Backup Tool for Mac OS X. In order for it to work, you must first turn on debug on your Glass: Settings > Device info > Turn on debug (see notes below as to why we do this).

After backing up your Glass to the chosen directory, it can optionally generate a lifestream from the images taken with your Glass. Here’s my latest lifestream:

Stephen Balaban's Lifestream - Created by the Lambda Labs Glass Backup Tool for Mac OS X

You can download the backup tool here:

Download the Google Glass Backup Tool

Simply download and run the file.

The source is available on Github: The dirty secret is that the entire app is just a shell script wrapped into a .app file! It’s the future of Cocoa development.

Tools used:

  • Platypus – for wrapping the shell script up as an app.
  • CocoaDialog – bash bindings for Cocoa.
  • adb – for moving files back and forth between the Glass without having to implement a PTP client, this is why we need the Glass to be in debug mode.
  • ImageMagick – for creating the optional GIF lifestream at the end.
  • GNU parallel – for downsizing the images in parallel using ImageMagick.


  • Stephen Balaban

    Making one of these every week would be a great way to remember what you did, who you interacted with, and get a general feeling for how the week went.

    • Mark Stosberg

      Or it could be really depressing reminder of how much of the week you spent recording yourself staring at another computer screen.

      • Stephen Balaban

        Guilty as charged.

  • edward

    great tools for looking evidence something like report under table government staff

  • Getting a 404 on Any chance there’s a link to it elsewhere?