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Memento mori

If you zoom in, you can see the really gorgeous and stylized, almost geometric, brushwork on this Frans Hals painting. Full size original file.

Gravity: An orbital mechanics game written in Elm

Recently, I’ve been really excited about Elm. I’m currently using it for the on-hat web application for Lambda Hat. I’ve really enjoyed the FRP style and the Signals control flow mechanism. When I was first getting started, I put together a little orbital mechanics game I call Gravity. Feel free to check out the source and demo below: Source: […]

It’s programming from here on out

There comes that point in every project where the “hard” part has been solved. Where the learning curve has been topped and one can start getting into the flow. The hacker equivalent to “smooth sailing from here on out”: “It’s programming from here on out.” Happy hacking.

FOAF – Friend of a Friend – Machine readable people

So, I just created my first FOAF file using <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=”” xmlns:rdfs=”” xmlns:foaf=”” xmlns:admin=””> <foaf:PersonalProfileDocument rdf:about=””> <foaf:maker rdf:resource=”#me”/> <foaf:primaryTopic rdf:resource=”#me”/> <admin:generatorAgent rdf:resource=””/> <admin:errorReportsTo rdf:resource=””/> </foaf:PersonalProfileDocument> <foaf:Person rdf:ID=”me”> <foaf:name>Stephen Balaban</foaf:name> <foaf:givenname>Stephen</foaf:givenname> <foaf:family_name>Balaban</foaf:family_name> <foaf:nick>Steve</foaf:nick> <foaf:mbox_sha1sum>a245f1ad98c749cca35b14a078581654e7a48faa</foaf:mbox_sha1sum> <foaf:homepage rdf:resource=””/> <foaf:workplaceHomepage rdf:resource=””/> <foaf:workInfoHomepage rdf:resource=””/> <foaf:schoolHomepage rdf:resource=””/></foaf:Person> </rdf:RDF>