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Graph Visualization with GraphViz

I have a few idaes for startups with a graph-like structure and found myself exploring the topic of graph visualization. I decided to see if I could generate some graphs containing hundreds of thousands of edges. Tools of choice: bash, python, and GraphViz1. RandomSubset(p) Using my template I first made a graph of a random […]

RE: Triangular Numbers – The Triangular Matchstick numbers on OEIS

Last week I made a post about Triangular Numbers. I posted a request for a new integer sequence on OEIS, which eventually got merged with an existing sequence, The Triangular Matchstick Numbers: I love math. Here are the Triangular Matchstick Number Formulas: Recurrence Relation: a(0) = 0 a(n) = a(n-1) + 3*n Generating Function: […]