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Google Glass Lifestream

I’m happy to announce the launch of our open source Google Glass Lifestream & Backup Tool for Mac OS X. In order for it to work, you must first turn on debug on your Glass: Settings > Device info > Turn on debug (see notes below as to why we do this). After backing up […]

Compiling vim with python support on Arch Linux; or, just using gvim

I was looking forward to using ConqueTerm on vim but was confronted with the following error: Conque ERROR: Python interface cannot be loaded Your ersion of Vim appears to be installed without the Python interface… Alas, the eternal struggle between convenience & elegance. Because I should be doing more important things than blogging, I slapped […]

Updating Redhat (RHEL5) how to fix Error: yum conflicts with yum-rhn-plugin

Earlier today, I was fixing a RHEL5 server and was getting the following error: Error: yum conflicts with yum-rhn-plugin < 0.5.3-30.el5 I’m running RHEL without connecting to the Redhat Network (Using CENTOS’s repositories).  The solution? yum remove yum-rhn-plugin then, try again: yum -y update