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Augmented Reality AR Glasses App – Saving Face

“Saving Face” is an augmented reality glasses app that leverages social networks, facial recognition algorithms and cloud infrastructure to automagically recognize and remember people. It merges linked data from social networks and live augmented reality to provide a layer of data over your social interaction. This was a super-quick & dirty hack that we threw […]

RE: Triangular Numbers – The Triangular Matchstick numbers on OEIS

Last week I made a post about Triangular Numbers. I posted a request for a new integer sequence on OEIS, which eventually got merged with an existing sequence, The Triangular Matchstick Numbers: I love math. Here are the Triangular Matchstick Number Formulas: Recurrence Relation: a(0) = 0 a(n) = a(n-1) + 3*n Generating Function: […]

Updating Redhat (RHEL5) how to fix Error: yum conflicts with yum-rhn-plugin

Earlier today, I was fixing a RHEL5 server and was getting the following error: Error: yum conflicts with yum-rhn-plugin < 0.5.3-30.el5 I’m running RHEL without connecting to the Redhat Network (Using CENTOS’s repositories).  The solution? yum remove yum-rhn-plugin then, try again: yum -y update

eternal september — a slice of internets history

Students and professors, let’s ring in this fall semester with a tid-bit of Internet history. As you may already know, the Internet has it’s origins in the defense industry.  Afterall, it was APRANET [a (D)ARPA project] before it was the Internet. However besides being a military endeavor, it was also an academic one. Usenet, “the […]